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Matcha Bowl

Matcha Bowl

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Discover the Art of Matcha with Our Artisan-Crafted Bowl

Elevate your daily matcha ritual with a bowl designed not just for utility, but as a piece of art. In collaboration with skilled Japanese artisans, we've created a matcha bowl that brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to every sip.

Designed with convenience and beauty in mind, our bowl features a spout that allows for effortless whisking and pouring of up to three servings of matcha. Whether you're hosting a gathering or indulging in a personal moment of tranquility, this bowl ensures that sharing matcha is as easy as it is delightful.

Each bowl is handcrafted on a potter’s wheel, boasting a deep and wide shape that simplifies the whisking of matcha. Its black finish, adorned with a rich glaze, not only accentuates the luminous green of the matcha but also makes the bowl a versatile addition to any decor. This standout piece is more than a tool—it's a testament to the beauty of daily rituals and the joy of shared moments.

Each handmade bowl is unique, and handmade in Japan

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