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Matcha Matcha

Electric Matcha Whisk Set

Electric Matcha Whisk Set

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Crafted with precision and the spirit of the traditional tea ceremony, the electric whisk embodies the essence of matcha preparation. Developed after meticulous observation of tea ceremony masters, this innovative device captures the essence of their fluid hand movements. By mimicking the rapid, vertical strokes of a whisk, it achieves a perfect harmony of matcha and water in just 10 seconds.

With the flick of a switch, experience the transformation of matcha into a velvety foam, reminiscent of the finest tea ceremonies. This effortless process ensures that anyone can prepare a creamy, frothy matcha or matcha latte that captivates the senses.

Beyond its ease of use, the electric whisk is designed for versatility. Ideal for cafes and restaurants looking to serve matcha or matcha lattes to a multitude of guests, this device offers professional-grade reliability and convenience. 

Made with love, in Kyoto, Japan. 

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